2022 Head Galore LYT Boa Coiler Snowboard Boot

Brand: Head
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Lightweight women snowboard boot with a slim profile for beginners to intermediate riders – the GALORE burgundy is one of our most popular boots in the line....More information
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Product information

    Lightweight women snowboard boot with a slim profile for beginners to intermediate riders – the GALORE burgundy is one of our most popular boots in the line.

    A very comfortable and lightweight boot, guaranteeing fun on snow and simply making snowboarding easy. No more fumbling with frozen laces in the cold – this boot can be laced up on the go with the BOA® Fit System. Soft flex and forward lean make sure power is transmitted to your board in an easy way. At the same time, the GALORE LYT BOA COILER is super comfortable and can be customized by simply heat-molding the liner. Also, this boot offers a very slim profile, which does not look bulky on your foot.
    BOA® COILER = The BOA Coiler™ increases the speed of entry and quickly takes up lace slack with a spring-loaded lace that coils automatically, providing a precise fit that lasts.
    FLYLITE OUTSOLE WMN = The Flylite WMN represents the zenith of lightweight, comfortable soles. Weighing only 64 grams it features serious shock-absorbent EVA cushioning and a full-grip profile.
    LYT TECH = Lighter products help to you to enjoy yourself longer on snow. By focusing on the essentials, we are able to provide you with gear, which is light in weight but extraordinary in terms of performance and design.
    COMFORT CUFF = The Comfort Cuff delivers added flex on the medial side of the boot for added comfort and a more natural flex.
    FLEX CUFF = A cut out in the cuff hinders the boot from bulging out, even after many days on snow.
    WOMEN COMFORT SYSTEM = The Women’s Comfort System delivers a more natural heelside flex. This is achieved by sculpting the cuff to conform perfectly to a woman’s lower leg.
    HEEL TRANSMISSION SYSTEM = HTS creates a direct interface between a rider and their boots, bindings and board for an exact power translation. It is an injection-moulded heel cup that locks into a binding’s highback.
    PERFECT FIT COMFORT = The floating webbings on the Perfect Fit Liner construction provides a close, comfortable fit with ultimate lacing performance.
    PERFECT FIT WOMAN LINER = The Woman Liner features all the tech of the Unisex Liner but is designed to perfectly fit a girl’s foot and lower leg.
    S.CAFÉ® LINING MESH = S.Café® fabrics feature extraordinary odor control and fast drying properties. This is achieved by incorporating real coffee grounds into fabric, by using the sustainable S.Café® technology. S.Café® fabrics absorb and transport moisture from the body to the outside – resulting in a close to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton!
    FPG INSOLE = The 3D FPG Insole features a cupped heel and ergonomic arch for maximum support for the whole foot.
    FIRETECH MIDSOLE = For toasty warm feet - the heat reflective material of this insole adds comfort and warmth to our boot, so you can stay longer on snow.
    FORWARD LEAN 7° = For rookies and easy riders.