Head 2022 Head NX one Snowboard Binding

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Product information

    All adjustments on the NX ONE in black can be done tool-free, making it a reliable and affordable all-mountain snowboard binding for easy progression.

    The tool-free NX ONE delivers easy riding on all terrains. From its tool-free adjustability and easily open and entry comfort straps to its forgiving flex pattern and cushioned and shock-absorbent base the NX ONE is all about building style and skills in comfort. Progression in snowboarding has never been so easy.
    AUTO OPEN TOE STRAP = The Auto-Open Toe Strap permits easy entry without the hassle of kicking open or treading on straps. The strap has a unique opening system that folds out from the baseplate.
    TOE & HEEL BASE PADS = Toe & Heel Basepads are EVA cushions installed to absorb shocks and chatter. They are placed in the toe and heel of the binding to create smoother, shock-free edge riding.
    ADJUSTABLE TOE RAMPS = The Adjustable Toe Ramp can be customized to fit any boot with a single screw and channel.
    GLASS REINFORCED BASE 35 % = The Glass Reinforced Base 35% delivers added stiffness and power transmission. It is the ideal all-terrain construction.
    3D COMFORT STRAP = The 3D Comfort Strap offers superior riding comfort with a secure confidence building hold. It is made from EVA and perfectly conforms to a rider’s foot.
    SMOOTH COVER TOE STRAP = The Smooth Cover Toe Strap is designed for supreme comfort and enhanced power transmission. It features an injected frame and seriously comfortable padding.
    EASY GRIP BUCKLE = The Easy Grip Buckle has a great new shape that is easy to lift even in gloves. With a smooth action and easy grip shape there is no better buckle in snowboarding.
    FLEX INDEX 3 = forgiving & comfortable flex for the JR's